Payroll Services

Payslips, summary sheets and monthly summary of PAYE and NIC due are provided for each employee.
Payroll service can be provided on a weekly, monthly or quarterly frequency, as required.
We use the very latest Sage software to manage your payroll.


Fees are calculated on a per-entry basis.

  • £1.30 per payslip
  • £13.50 per joiner
  • £7.75 per leaver
  • £215.00 p.a.  -  completion of P35
  • £2.50 per employee  -  P14 / P60

Barland Services Limited realise that all payrolls are different and that there is no one single solution that will be suitable for every client. We therefore offer our clients the ability to obtain a specific solution that meets their needs... [see our "Why use offsite services?" section for more details].

Contact us today to discuss how we can relieve you of the time and energy your payroll takes from your business. You'll have peace of mind knowing that fully qualified payroll professionals are looking after your requirements.


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